Wet system microfibre-pol.-cotton mop head 40x13cm


  • Import from Italy
  • TRIS mop head has been devised to exploit the features of every textile fibre at its best:
  • Microfibre is sewn on the mop external edge and thanks to its mechanical action it removes all micro-particles of dirt, thus ranting optimal cleaning, Cotton increases mop head absorbance, so as to wash more square metres with one squeezing, Polyester makes the mop head move more easily on the floor, reducing operators' efforts.
  • The combined action of the three fibres grants therefore exceptional cleaning results
  • The three-holed wings at the ends allow to insert the mop head on the frame pegs. It considerably reduces the use of detergents, leaving surfaces clean without streaks.
  • This is a mop system used by hospitals, hotels, motels, restaurants and large commercial users worldwide.
  • Mechanical force: high (thanks to its peculiar star-shaped structure it can catch dirt and hold it back).


  • Alkali products can damage the fibre ( PH < 11)
  • Washing temperature: max 90°C no spin-dryer
  • No bleach product may be used ( it will reduce the life of microfiber)
  • Tumbling allowed at minimum temperature normal detergent


Green and White
40cm x 13cm