JEPON – Multi-Purpose Cleaner

JEPON is Multi-Purpose Cleaner formulated for removing grease and dirty deposits which may exist on hard surfaces. Fittings in kitchen areas may be cleaned by using a scouring pad wetted with JEPON solution.

An excellent agent for cleaning oily deposits. Its main areas of application include household cleaning, cleaning public areas and cleaning engine surfaces contaminated with lubricating oil.

Kitchen walls may be conveniently cleaned by means of a flat mop fitted on to a mop holder with a handle of suitable length. Wet the flat mop with 50% JEPON solution and clean the walls until oily deposit is removed. Rinse the wall with clean water to remove excess JEPON solution. Full strength of JEPON liquid is sometimes needed depending on the degree of soiling.

Made in Hong Kong

4.5L per bottle / 4 x 4.5L per Box