Microfibre mop head wet disinfection 40cm


  • Import from Italy
  • Microfibre flat mop with polyester support and pockets, can insert into TYCT00000862 WET DISINFECTION FRAME
  • This Microfiber mop can easily be changed for each room or area, thereby reducing the risk of cross-
  • contamination when moving from room to room.
  • Each mop contains thousands of microscopic fibers, which arecapable of actually removing bacteria from floors, walls and stairs - making cleaning quick, easy and effective. It considerably reduces the use of detergents, leaving surfaces clean without streaks.
  • Use dry for dusting and damp for washing and disinfecting.
  • The microscopic fibres act the principle of electrostatic attraction, dissolving stains and then absorbing dirty by capillarity. This is a mop system used by hospitals, hotels, motels, restaurants and large commercial users worldwide.
  • Mechanical force: high (thanks to its peculiar star-shaped structure it can catch dirt and hold it back).


  • Alkali products can damage the fibre ( PH < 11)
  • Washing temperature: max 90°C ( 200° F) - Mop washing should take place in washing nets.
  • Normal rinse - normal spin
  • No bleach product may be used ( it will reduce the life of microfiber)
  • Tumbling allowed at minimum temperature.
  • Specialised for Healthcare sector


40cm x 13cm, 0.17kgs
TTR0B000476MB TTR0G000476MG TTR0R000476MR